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Lakeside Plumbing & Gas (LPG) is a WA owned and operated company focussing on providing quality and professional plumbing services to our customers. Our mission is to design, build, and maintain quality plumbing infrastructure.

LPG’s values of quality, professionalism, respect, safety, and of being proud, drive the company’s culture and direction.

LPG undertakes work for a diverse range of customers in all aspects of plumbing and gas fitting, which includes both large and small jobs, domestic and commercial maintenance, installation, renovations, and new works. 

LPG can also provide specialist plumbing consultancy in troubleshooting, mediation, and conflict resolution.

LPG operates in the Perth metropolitan area and many areas of regional WA.

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Thank you so much for responding so promptly to my water leak query and arranging for Lakeside to....Tanya Bolingbroke