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Email or Call 24/7: (08) 9300 1669

Lakeside Plumbing and Gas celebrates 30 years of business this year!

June 7, 2019

By Phil Roggio

As the owner and founder of Lakeside Plumbing and Gas, I thought it would be fitting to briefly share the history of Lakeside Plumbing and Gas, how it came to be, and what inspired me to start it in the first place.

To set the scene, it was around June 1989, the housing industry in Perth was booming and feeding into a buoyant WA economy. I was 29 years of age, had just built our first new home in Joondalup and my first child was about to be born. I was working as a plumbing supervisor for a major project home builder. It was during this time I began to notice a decline in the quality and integrity of plumbing, where getting the work done at any cost (usually as fast and cheaply as possible) was more important than doing the job properly, and where profits were often put before people. Those experiences did not sit well with me as they were at odds with my personal values of quality, integrity and respect, and were a violation of two very important beliefs instilled in me by my father at a young age. Which were, “to do a job properly or not at all”, and “to value the people who contribute to the success and profitability of your business”.

Frustrated by the experience and with the economy booming, I saw an opportunity to start a business built upon my personal values, and those two very important beliefs instilled by my father.

Finding a name for the business was a challenge and one finally came to mind as we began operating using a spare bedroom as an office in our new home in “Coldlake” Court Joondalup, which was in the newly developed estate called “Joondalup by the Lake”. It seemed logical that the name “Lakeside” might be a good fit for the business.

At the time, Joondalup was in the early stages of development with very little infrastructure. The shopping centre had not been built and there were no other local businesses prefaced by the name “Lakeside”. With the advent of Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre, the name “Lakeside” would become synonymous with many other businesses in the Joondalup area. However, we were the first business in Joondalup to use the name “Lakeside”!

Since those early days, Lakeside Plumbing and Gas has been through various stages of development. Upon reflection, the life of a business is very similar to life itself. We have transitioned from infancy to adolescence, and maturity, failed and succeeded many times, experienced good times and not so good times, all the while learning, adapting and growing.

Thirty years on, Lakeside Plumbing and Gas continues to grow and develop, adapting to the ever-changing business and trades environment, while upholding those personal values and important beliefs, which form the basis of how we conduct business, serve our customers, and support our staff.

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